Faculty and Staff Directory

Mansfield Library Information /Services

Information Center / Reference 406-243-6866
Fax Number 406-243-4067
TTY NUMBER 406-243-2953
Hours 406-243-4561
Checkout & Renewals 406-243-6734
Library Instruction 406-243-6866
Reserve Materials 406-243-6730
Scheduling Videos/Films 406-243-4554
Archives and Special Collections 406-243-2053
Bibliographic Management Services 406-243-6733
Circulation 406-243-6734
Payne Family Library At Missoula College 406-243-7820
Payne Family Library at Missoula College (Fax) 406-243-7881
InterLibrary Loan 406-243-6736
Fax Number 406-243-4067
The Paw Print (Print/Scan/Copy) 406-243-4559

Library Administrative Services

Name Title Email Phone"
Vollmer, Burt Accounting Associate III burt.vollmer@umontana.edu 406-243-2834
Zhang, Shali Dean of Libraries shali.zhang@mso.umt.edu 406-243-6800


Name Title Email Phone"
Baucom, Erin Digital Archivist/Assistant Professor erin.baucom@umontana.edu 406-243-4036
Brown, Barry Head of Access and Collection Services; Science Librarian barry.brown@umontana.edu 406-243-6811
Edwards, Julie On sabbatical AY 17-18 at the University of Botswana as a Fulbright Scholar. julie.edwards@umontana.edu 406-243-4505
Granath, Kim Head of Information and Research Services; Public Health Librarian kim.granath@umontana.edu 406-243-6017
Keenan, Teressa Head of Bibliographic Management Services; Metadata Librarian teressa.keenan@umontana.edu 406-243-4592
McCrea, Donna Head of Archives and Special Collections donna.mccrea@umontana.edu 406-243-4403
Ravas, Tammy Visual and Performing Arts Librarian and Media Coordinator tammy.ravas@umontana.edu 406-243-4402
Stark, Megan Undergraduate Services Librarian megan.stark@umontana.edu 406-243-2864
Walker, Wendy Digital Initiatives Librarian wendy.walker@mso.umt.edu 406-243-6004
Wilkinson, Jaci Web Services Librarian jaci.wilkinson@umontana.edu 406-243-4558
Zhang, Shali Dean of Libraries shali.zhang@mso.umt.edu 406-243-6800
Zoellner, Kate Assessment Coordinator, Education and Human Sciences Librarian kate.zoellner@umontana.edu 406-243-4421

Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Email Phone"
Bond, Natalie Political Papers Archivist natalie.bond@mso.umt.edu 406-243-2053
Howard, Jill Reference & Instruction Librarian jill.howard@umontana.edu 406-243-2856


Name Title Email Phone"
Belcher, Blaine Information Systems Specialist blaine.belcher@umontana.edu 406-243-4550
Buechler, Samantha Stacks Maintenance Supervisor samantha.buechler@mso.umt.edu 406-243-4071
Campbell, Katrina Acquisitions and E-Resources Technician katrina1.campbell@umontana.edu 406-243-6731
Chiewphasa, Ben Cataloging Specialist for Government Documents and Maps ben.chiewphasa@mso.umt.edu 406-243-6731
Crowley, Kevin Evening/Weekend Circulation Supervisor kevin.crowley@umontana.edu 406-243-4071
Fehrer, Christa Continuing Resources Technician christa.fehrer@umontana.edu 406-243-6733
Fritch, Mark Archives Photo Specialist mark.fritch@umontana.edu 406-243-2862
Greer, John Head of Technology and Systems Services; Systems Administrator john.greer@mso.umt.edu 406-243-2539
Jackman-Brink, Julia Circulation Reserve Materials Supervisor julia.jackman-brink@umontana.edu 406-243-6730
Kneebone, Glenn Manager of the Paw Print glenn1.kneebone@umontana.edu 406-243-2060
Leese, Carol Acquisitions Manager carol.leese@umontana.edu 406-243-5926
Maas, Bev Acquisitions Technician beverly.maas@umontana.edu 406-243-5926
Marek, Pam Interlibrary Loan Specialist/Supervisor pamela.marek@umontana.edu 406-243-6736
McKenzie, Patti Reference Technician patricia.mckenzie@umontana.edu 406-243-5869
Ramberg, Shelley Assistant Discovery and LMS Administrator shelley.ramberg@umontana.edu 406-243-6789
Rieger, Leslie Metadata Manager leslie.rieger@umontana.edu 406-243-6733
Rogers, Darrah ILL Tech/Circ Supervisor darrah.rogers@umontana.edu 406-243-6736/4071
Rusk, Jennifer Electronic Resources Manager jennifer1.rusk@umontana.edu 406-243-6731
Samson, Wes Staff Computing Support Specialist wesley.samson@umontana.edu 406-243-6063
Seiler, Danette Multi Format Cataloging Technician danette.seiler@umontana.edu 406-243-6733
Soukup, Hannah Archives and Special Collections Technician hannah.soukup@mso.umt.edu 406-243-2053
Turnage, Pat Media Acquisitions Technician pat.turnage@umontana.edu 406-243-5926
Vance, Christine Circulation, Interlibrary Loan and Special Building Projects Manager christine.vance@umontana.edu 406-243-4554
Vollin, Daniel Library Technician for Payne Family Library at Missoula College daniel1.vollin@umontana.edu (406) 243-7820
Vollmer, Burt Accounting Associate III burt.vollmer@umontana.edu 406-243-2834
Weiler, Annie Library Technician for Payne Family Library at Missoula College annie.weiler@umontana.edu (406) 243-7820