Study Spaces

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Group Study Rooms

Find a group study room and reserve it now. Users can make one three-hour reservation per day and renewals may be available at the Information Center. Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance. Special equipment is listed next to each room. All group study rooms have outlets and a whiteboard.  See our full group study room policy.

Level Two

  • Room 202 Mac and widescreen monitor. Capacity: 10.
  • Room 209 is the Accessible Technology Room with a PC, widescreen monitor, flatbed scanner, and a variety of assistive technology (hardware & software).  Capacity 4.
  • Room 211 PC and widescreen monitor. Capacity: 10.
  • Room 212 Capacity: 4.
  • Room 213 Laptop collaborative workstation. Capacity: 4.
  • Room 214 Capacity: 4.
  • Room 215 is set up as a family-friendly room and includes children's books and videos, a TV, DVD player, smaller furniture, and two-person study table. Capacity: 3.
  • Room 216 Capacity: 4.

Level Four

  • Room 407: Veteran Study Room PC and widescreen monitor. Veterans can request the username and password from the VETS Office to reserve this room. Non-veterans will be able to request the veterans’ study room at the Check Out Desk when it is not reserved, one time per day up-to three hours, no renewals. Capacity: 8.
  • Room 408 Capacity: 4.
  • Room 409 Capacity: 4.

Missoula College

The Payne Family Library at Missoula College has two group study rooms. Reserve a group study room now. They can be reserved for up to three hours a day per individual NetID. Extra bookings may be deleted.

Open Spaces

Listen to a full audio tour of each floor of Mansfield Library.

Level Two Highlights
  • First-come, first-served (unreserved) study carrels
  • Standard computer workstations. Learn more about workstation features.
  • Group study rooms
  • Accessible Technology Room  (209)
  • Computer classrooms: Buckhous (284) and the Student Learning Center (283)

Level Three Highlights

Level Four Highlights

Level Five Highlights

Individual Carrels

***Note: the floor plans here are outdated but the carrels are still in the same place!

Study carrels are available as individual study areas. We have two types of study carrels in Mansfield Library:

#1. First-come, first-served: these carrels on level 2 do not require a key and are open to anyone.

level two floor plan showing unreserved study carrels on back west wall of floor

#2. Semester-long: these carrels on the west side of level 1 are reservable for a whole semester. Request a carrel for next semester.

level one floor plan with square around reserveable study carrels on west wall of level