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Walk of Ideas sculpture representing modern book printing and also honouring some of Germany's most influential writers. Image copyright Venana, 2006 available under Creative Commons license, image resized.

Book Burning and Civil Discourse
Mark Hanson, PhD, Department of Liberal Studies, will present “Book Burning and Civil Discourse” in the Gallagher Business Building Room 122 on Thursday, November 20th at 5:30pm. This lecture is free and open to the public and presented in conjunction with the “Fighting the Fires of Hate: America and the Nazi Book Burnings” exhibition, produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and on display in the library through December 17th.

Library Events

  • December 4th, 5:30pm-7pm
    "Black Fire on White Fire: Sacred Text in Jewish Tradition"
    Laurie Franklin, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Faculty Affiliate in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Spiritual Leader and Rabbinic Intern, Har Shalom
    UC Theater
  • December 11th, 6pm-10pm
    "Grand Illusion: Too Real for the Nazis"
    Phil Fandozzi, PhD. Professor of Film Studies
    UC Theater