Laser Cutting and Etching

Photo of the LC40 laser cutting machine


Laser Cutting Costs
Service UM Price Standard Price
Setup per five minutes of staff time * (First five minutes free) $2.00 $5.00
Laser Time (per minute) rounded up to nearest minute** $0.05 $0.20
Materials (per square inch)*** $0.10 $0.20
Cost cap on materials per 11x20” layout**** $12 $24.00

 *  Each file set up on one type of material  with a maximum area of 11 x 20”. Each new layout area of 11x20” will be assessed a new setup fee per file if the layout changes or the type of material used is changed.
** All times are rounded up to the nearest minute. Minimum charge is for one minute.
*** Square inches are determined by the maximum x and y distances and rounded up to the nearest square inch. Minimum charge is for one square inch per file.
**** Cost cap on materials is valid for all files that can be laid out as needed on one 11x20” sheet of material. The cost cap resets for each new 11x20 sheet of material and layout used. The library retains the excess material for use in other projects. If the excess material is requested, a flat rate of $22 for UM and $44 for standard orders will be issued for a person to keep the entire 11x20” sheet of material.


1/8" Cast Acrylic
Color Clear Transparent Opaque Fluorescent Translucent
Clear x
Dark Blue x
Dark Red x
Black x
Gray x
Yellow x
Green x
Blue x
White x


1/8" Wood
Wood Plywood Hardwood Softwood
Birch x