One Button Studio

One Button Studio is an intuitive video studio to practice presentations and create video content. Located on level one in room 102, the One Button Studio is set up for ease of use regardless of technological proficiency; no experience is needed. The room includes an optional blue or green screen. Easy button adjustment allows for seated or standing sessions and additional accessibility. There are four chairs, two small silk plants and a lectern that can be moved and arranged for interviews or general comfort. An image of the room layout is available to view as a PDF and is posted in the studio. Students, faculty, and staff can reserve the One Button Studio now and pick up the key at the Mansfield Library Check Out desk. Watch tutorials on Vimeo or our YouTube channel. Read the One Button Studio's full policy.

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stock image of someone using audio and video equipment

Podcast/Video Station

Besides the main recording station in the One Button Studio, there is a separate audio/video recording station, called a Marantz Professional Turret, with laptop available inside the room. Like the One Button Studio, all you need to bring is a flash drive (or you can also save your recordings in the Cloud with a service like Google Drive). After you finish recording, editing software is available to use on our multimedia workstations on level three. When you check out the One Button Studio key, you will also receive guides for how to use all equipment in the room.