Equipment to Check Out

The Mansfield Library provides a variety of equipment for check out. Items with an asterisk (*) can be checked out by Montana Borrowers. Please give us a call at 406-243-2953 if you have questions. Jump to the list of equipment to check out at the Payne Family Library at Missoula College.

Description Checkout Period Overdue Fines
Conference Pack (webcam & speaker/microphone) 4 hours $.50/hour
Headphones* and Headphone with microphone 4 hours $.50/hour
Flashdrives 2 hours $.50/hour
Flatbed Scanner 3 days $10/day
Laptop Computers 3 days $12/day
Universal Notebook Power Adaptor (alone) 4 hours $.50/hour
Macbook Charger with Adaptor (alone) 4 hours $.50/hour
Thunderbolt to VGA & Thunderbolt to HDMI 2 hours $.50/hour
Mini USB to VGA 2 hours $.50/hour
USB Card Reader 2 hours $.50/hourplay
Gogglecam (ski goggles with built in camera) 3 days $10/day
GoPro Camera 3 days $8/day
Playstation 3 Controllers 2 hours $.50/hour
Portable DVD Player 3 days $10/day
Portable Optical Drive 3 days $10/day
TI-83 Plus Calculator 2 hours $.50/hour
Standard Calculators 2 hours $.50/hour
Typewriters* 2 hours $.50/hour
Tablets(Nexus & iPad) 3 days $12/day

Payne Family Library at Missoula College Equipment to Check out

Description Checkout Period Overdue Fines
8 laptops 2 days $12/day
3 laptops 3 hours $1/hour
2 HDMI cords 3 hours $.50/hour
1 Gopro 2 days $8/day
1 iPad 2 days $10/day
1 Android (Nexus) tablet 2 days $10/day
2 TI-83 Calculators 2 hours $.50/hour
2 TI-83 Calculators 24 hours $.50/hour
8 TI-84 Calculators 2 hours $.50/hour
4 TI-84 Calculators 24 hours $.50/hour