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Issue of the Month: January 2005

Google Initiatives

-Samantha G. S. Hines, Assistant Professor
Social Sciences Librarian and Outreach Coordinator

Google Scholar Beta

Released November 18, 2004, Google Scholar Beta (a.k.a. Schoogle) has captured the interest of students, faculty and librarians. It indexes academic literature in a variety of fields of study and can be searched with the familiar and easy-to-use Google interface. It’s available at

However, it’s important to realize that Google Scholar does index material that is not freely available. You can find a great article via Google Scholar, only to encounter a screen asking for a credit card number before you can read it. Often the Mansfield Library can provide access to these materials at no cost to you. Check our online catalog and journal list to see if we own an item found through Google Scholar that costs money to view, or ask a librarian for help.

Another thing to note is that this is the initial beta test (not the final version) of Google Scholar, and new materials are being indexed and added constantly. There are significant gaps in coverage, especially outside the sciences. Google Scholar is not yet as comprehensive as most of the databases available at the Mansfield Library. In addition, at this time Google does not provide a title list of journals and other materials covered, nor do they provide any indication of how many items are indexed, unlike most of the databases to which the Library subscribes.

A third concern is that Google Scholar may link to pre-publication copies of articles or other works not in their final form. Generally you will need to see the published copy or final version of a work in order to get the most out of it. Again, the Mansfield Library may contain that final version—check out our website or ask a librarian.

Schoogle does offer a very helpful feature: a one-click option to see how many times a specific article has been cited by other articles in their database. Given the above disadvantages of their database, however, we’d recommend that our users make use of the Mansfield Library’s subscription to Web of Knowledge/Web of Science, which offers a similar citation search element.

Google Scholar will be useful for those trying to find a few good articles online, but it may be easier, faster, and cheaper for researchers to use the “Find Articles” link on the Mansfield Library website.

To try Google Scholar:

For more information:
Google Scholar FAQ

Peter’s Digital Resource Shelf

Penn Library New & Notable: Google Scholar

Google Print

You may also have recently heard about Google Print. A new project announced December 14, 2004, will have Google work with several large academic libraries to digitize their collections and post them online. It is estimated that this project will take five or more years, but it would bring valuable content and full text indexing of these items to Google Scholar. Items that no longer have copyright restrictions and are in the public domain can be viewed in full; however, you will only be able to view a few pages or sentences of items that are still under copyright. For the time being, the library will continue to be your best source for finding and viewing books for free.

Google Print results are currently integrated within the basic Google search, and no date is available for integration with Google Scholar.For more information on Google Print, see or the links below.

To search for books in Google:

For more information:
Google Print’s FAQ

Search Engine Watch’s writeup on the Google Print project

To comment on this issue or to suggest an issue, please contact Jennie Burroughs, Chair, Key Constituencies Committee.