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InfoIssues is an electronic publication designed to provide information to the key constituents of the Mansfield Library. InfoIssues focuses on the major scholarly publishing and scholarly resource issues facing libraries. These issues, in turn, affect the users of the Mansfield Library, including University of Montana faculty, staff, administrators, students, and other residents of Montana.

InfoIssues articles provide overviews of key topics and point to additional information on those topics. We hope these summaries will assist readers in understanding the ongoing changes in publishing, copyright, digitization, and other issues in the information universe.

InfoIssues is updated on a monthly basis during the academic year. InfoIssues is edited by the Key Constitiuencies Committee of the Mansfield Library: Barry Brown, Jennie Burroughs, Samantha Hines, Merinda McLure, and Christopher Mullin.

If you would like to suggest a topic for an InfoIssues article or have any comments about existing articles, please contact Jennie Burroughs, Chair, Key Constituencies Committee.

If you have other questions about the library that you would like answered, please use our electronic comments and suggestions box.