Place Materials on Course Reserve

Prior to completing this form, please familiarize yourself with the directions on our course reserves page for instructors: Email this form to Call the Check Out Desk at (406)243-4071 or email with questions or to schedule a time to bring in personal materials . Submit course reserves materials at least five business days before needed.

Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S. Code) applies to all photocopied materials. Reserve policies only allow for copyrighted material to remain on reserve for the semester that course is offered. Instructors should obtain copyright clearance for material they wish to reuse. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

 Submit a course reserve form now.

  • Submit course reserve materials at least five business days before needed. Processing times increase during peak periods, so please submit requests early. Instructors requesting scanning services should submit original texts or first generation, clean photocopies to ensure quality resource material for their students.
  • All course reserve materials must meet university and federal guidelines for accessibility.
  • Material requested from the library collections can be retrieved directly by the instructor or by our staff. Retrieval lists for should include library call number and citation information.
  • All requests are handled in the order received.
  • Please submit a separate course reserves form for each course being taught
  • All copyrighted materials placed on course reserves must conform to copyright law. See Copyright and Guidelines for assistance.
  • All course reserve items not specifically requested for the following term are removed from course reserves following the end of the term. Personal copies are returned to instructors via campus mail. Reminder notes will be sent out prior to Finals. Materials for courses not continuing into the next session are deleted from the system.
  • All course reserves will be removed from the course reserve system at the end of the semester they are used.
  • Materials on course reserve are accessible by faculty name and course number. There will be no charge to access course reserves.

There are a variety of resources to help you ensure your course reserves are accessible. A great starting place is this checklist from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on making various file types accessible. 

  • University of Montana IT Department - Accessibility
    IT provides consulting to help departments meet requirements of UM's Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility policy. Accessible Technology Services can provide help with ensuring that documents, instructional materials, media, software, hardware, computing systems and websites meet accessibility requirements.
  • University of Montana Disability Services for Students
    “Disability Services for Students is The University of Montana's student affairs office which assures program access by students with disabilities. We coordinate and provide reasonable accommodations, advocate for an accessible and hospitable learning environment, and promote self-determination on the part of the students we serve.”

Course reserve policy is derived from the Fair Use provisions of the United States Copyright Act of 1976 (taken from the U.S. Copyright Office's Fair Use Index). The sole purpose of course reserves is to facilitate the distribution of materials for educational use by students. All materials placed on course reserve shall be done so at the request of faculty and teaching staff solely for the non-commercial, educational usage of students. It is the responsibility of the course instructor to request and obtain copyright permission, if needed, for class materials they wish to use for their course. This process should be initiated before placing the material on course reserve.

Materials which usually do not require copyright permission:

  • Exams, syllabi, lecture notes, homework answers
  • Student papers (assuming consent of author was given)
  • United States government publications
  • A single article from a journal issue (for one semester only)
  • One chapter from a book (for one semester only)

Materials which usually do require copyright permission:

  • Articles from journals that are needed for more than one semester
  • Multiple articles from a single journal issue
  • A single chapter from a book that is needed for more than one semester
  • Multiple chapters from a book
  • Materials that will be used repeatedly by the same instructor for the same course

An instructor can request copyright permission by:

  • Sending a written request to the copyright holder (usually the publisher)
  • By paying a fee to the Copyright Clearance Center (Note: the Mansfield Library and the University Center Bookstore are both members of the Copyright Clearance Center and may be able to assist instructors with this process)

  • Copyright notification will appear on traditional copies of course reserve readings to indicate that materials may be covered by copyright law. Materials on course reserve should include appropriate citations or attributions to their sources.