OneSearch Update!

OneSearch is getting an update! On July 31st, the OneSearch interface will change significantly and with that change will come many improvements. Most noticably, the new, clean design will make it easier to navigate library resources. Specific new features include:

  1. Autocomplete: when you type in the search box from the homepage or inside OneSearch, similar popular searches will be recommended.
  2. Database integration: databases are now included in search results. Additionally, you can search database titles from OneSearch.
  3. Search History: when logged in to your library account, your search history is saved and you can access it from any screen inside OneSearch.
  4. Remember to log in: a distinctive yellow banner now notifies you when you are not logged in.
  5. Search better: the OneSearch navigation includes a new option, titled “Can’t find what you need?” to help troubleshoot your search process.
  6. Save it for later: when logged in, you can save whole search results to My Favorites.

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