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Matthew Arnold

  • Letter to John Morley
    Dated June 5th, year uncertain. In the letter Arnold discusses an "Irish article".

Napoleon Bonaparte

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Robert Browning

Alexander Carlyle

  • Letter to Thomas Carlyle, 30 January 1827.
    Letter sheet letter from Alexander Carlyle to his brother, Thomas Carlyle, 30 January 1827. Compare Thomas' letter to Alexander of 3 February, reprinted in The Letters of Thomas Carlyle to His Brother Alexander, Ed. Edwin Marrs, Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1968, no. 61. Transcription and more information available through Duke University's Carlyle Letters Online.

Thomas Carlyle

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • Letter to the publisher, Thomas Hessey
    The watermark of the paper reads 'Cowan 1822'. The letter discusses the publication of Coleridge's Aids to Reflection in the Formation of a Manly Character, which was first published by Taylor and Hessey in 1825. The letter is not published in either The Collected Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge or The Unpublished letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (both edited by Earl Leslie Griggs). Compare references to Seneca in the letter to entry no. 5089 in The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (ed. Coburn and Christensen).

Thomas De Quincey

Edward Fitzgerald

Alfred Guillaume Gabriel, Comte d’Orsay

Thomas Gray

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • Letter to George Newhall, 29 July 1847.
    Letter from Longfellow to Newhall recommending a particular Portuguese dictionary. Newhall had never met Longfellow, and in the letter that occasioned this one—Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Am 1340.2 (4103)—he asks Longfellow's forgiveness for his presumption in bothering him for advice.

Thomas Love Peacock

  • Translation of lines from Euripides' Alcestis
    Translation by Thomas Love Peacock of the last five lines of Euripides' Alcestis. An addendum by "R. Garnett" (presumably Richard Garnett) notes this. A pencilled note on the verso suggests that the manuscript was given by Garnett to "J. Everson" in 1902.
  • Poem, "Old friend, whose rhymes so kindly mix..."
    Manuscript poem by Thomas Love Peacock from a letter to Lord Broughton, Nov. 13, 1862, on mourning paper. Cf. Nicholas A. Joukovsky, Letters of Thomas Love Peacock, v. 2, 1828-1866, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2001. Letter no. 327.

Edgar Allan Poe

  • Manuscript fragment
    Fragments of a draft of Poe's review of The Literati of New York by S. Anna Lewis (published in The United States Democratic Review, 23.122, August 1848, pp. 158-60).

Charles M. Russell

Jonathan Swift

  • Will, 8 September 1718.
    In this document Swift lists amounts owed to him and expenses as of 8 September 1718.