Whicker Collection of Literary Manuscripts

H. W. Whicker

About the Collection

In 1938 Harold Wave Whicker donated a collection of books and manuscripts to the University Library. Whicker, a former faculty member at the University of Montana, was born in Indiana in 1895 and died in 1955, and over the course of his life he filled many roles, including sportsman and conservationist, artist and author, and book collector. (More biographical information is available in the collection of Whicker's writings, Harold Wave Whicker, 1895-1955: A Brief Selection from His Work as Author and Artist, published in 1967 by Carl Weyerhauser.)

The collection, which includes both books and manuscripts, emphasizes literature of the nineteenth century, with favorite authors including Edgar Allen Poe, Walt Whitman, Thomas Carlyle, and others. The items made available here are taken from a collection of primarily literary manuscripts assembled by Whicker. They are an eclectic group of materials, but they share this emphasis on nineteenth-century British and American literature. The correspondence includes a series of letters sent by Thomas Carlyle to Jane Wilson, a letter from Charles Russell to Frank Linderman, as well as letters by Robert Browning, Matthew Arnold, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and others. Also included are a draft of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem "Human Life's Mysteries", an early will of Jonathan Swift, and more.

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Digitization Information

The work was scanned from the originals at 400 ppi at 16 bit color using a Bookeye 3 scanner. Un-retouched master images are stored in uncompressed TIFF format. Access jpeg images on this site have been created in Adobe Photoshop CS 3. The scanning technician for this project was Jessica Bush, who did the scanning during the spring of 2008.

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