Flat Screen Television Guidelines

Flat Screen Television Guidelines


Two flat-screen television monitors are mounted in the main lobby on level 3.


The flat-screen monitors provide an additional tool for the distribution of information in support of the Mansfield Library mission. The flat-screen capabilities include computer display and cable transmission. 


  • Technology & Systems Services oversees the technical implementation and maintenance of the flat screens.
  • Reference Technicians, in consultation with the Reference Manager, are responsible for generating and designing the presentation of content.
  • Level 3 monitors will host a simulcast of information:
    • Content is for library functions, activities, and services and select campus events. Exceptions may be approved by the Reference Manager.
    • All library personnel are encouraged to contribute content.
    • Local or national emergencies will be broadcast as live cable news feed.

Adopted by Library Management Group September 2005

Reviewed/Revised June 2008; December 2009

Last Updated: 23 June 2010