Department Library Representatives

The faculty listed below are chosen by their respective departments to be the Department Library Representative. The role of the Department Library Representative is to Communicate department faculty issues to the library; Communicate library issues to department faculty; Coordinate department requests for monograph, media, journal, or database resources; Consult and collaborate with the liaison librarian; Bring information resource access issues to the attention of the liaison librarian; Collaborate with the liaison librarian on information literacy planning across the department curriculum. In all of this the representative works closely with the Librarian Liaison for their discipline.


Bruce Costa

African American Studies Tobin Miller Shearer 243-6225
Anthropology Noriko Seguchi 243-2693
Applied Arts & Sciences Cathy Corr 243-7903
Applied Computing & Electronics Technology Tom Gallagher 243-7814
Art Rafael Chacon 243-2735
Asian Studies G.G. Weix 243-6319
Biological Sciences Fred Allendorf 243-5503
Biological Station Sue Gillespie 982-3301
Business Technology Brian Larson 243-7823
Chemistry and Biochemistry Garon Smith 243-5606
Communication Studies Christina Yoshimura 243-4244
Communicative Sciences & Disorders Department TBD TBD
Computer Science Min Chen 243-2886
Counselor Education Kirsten Murray 243-2650
Continuing Education Marlene Zentz 243-6434
Creative Writing Prageeta Sharma 243-2029
Economics Matthew Taylor 243-2925
Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences Steven Running 243-5552
Educational Leadership Dan Lee 243-5204
English Jill Bergman 243-5352
Environmental Studies Karen Hurd 243-6273
Film Sean O'Brien 243-6140
Forest Management John Goodburn 243-5157
Geography/Rural Town & Regional Planning Anna Klene 243-4347
Geosciences George Stanley 243-5693
Health & Human Performance Valerie Rich 243-2703
Health Professions Anne Delaney 243-7809
History Jeff Wiltse 243-2987
Honors College James McKusick 243-2541
Industrial Technology Kevin Brockbank 243-7608
Information Systems & Technology Shawn Clouse 243-6179
Journalism Keith Graham 243-2238
Liberal Studies/Religious Studies Stewart Justman 243-5793
Linguistics Mizuki Miyashita 243-5164
Management Fengru Li 243-2727
Mansfield Library Sue Samson 243-4335
Mathematical Sciences Bharath Sriraman 243-6714
Media Arts Andrew Smith 243-4560
Modern and Classical Languages & Literature Brian Dowdle 243-5480
Music James Randall 243-6892
Native American Studies Angelica Lawson 243-5838
Pharmacy Sherrill Brown 243-5299
Philosophy Albert Borgmann 243-2171
Physical Therapy Chuck Leonard 243-2710
Physics & Astronomy Eijiro Uchimoto 243-6223
Political Science Christopher Muste 243-4829
Psychology Wendy E. Shields 243-2917
Public Health Craig Molgaard 243-4445
Social Work Kerrie Ghenie 243-6146
Society and Conservation Martin Nie 243-6795
Sociology Jackson Bunch 243-5863
Teaching and Learning Jessica Gallo 243-5064
Theatre/Dance Michael Monsos 243-5138
Women's Studies Sara Hayden
Anya Jabour