Reserving a Study Carrel

Study carrels are assigned on a first come first served basis, with priority given to first time users. Study carrel check out period is for one semester only. You may apply for a carrel one semester in advance. They will become available for use the second Monday of the session. Study carrels are available as individual private study areas. The study carrels are located on the west side of level 1. This area is not designated as a quiet study area. Before filling out the request form, please read the use agreement below.

Navigate to the study carrel request form.

  • All library materials kept in the carrel must be properly checked out to the carrel user through Circulation. Carrels will be checked weekly to insure compliance. Library items not checked out to the patron will be removed from the carrel. This includes, but is not limited to; non-circulating items, unbound journals, reference materials, newspapers, or maps.
  • Open flames and flammable items such as candles/cigarettes/incense are fire hazards and strictly forbidden.
  • Personal belongings kept in the carrel should be minimal. The carrels are not totally secure. The library does not assume responsibility for any item kept in the carrel.
  • Library furniture or other property may not be moved into the carrel. The carrel will be supplied with one chair. Any other chairs, waste baskets, etc. belonging to the library may not be moved into the carrel.
  • Carrel windows must not be covered or obstructed in any manner when the library is closed. If privacy is desired while studying, the carrel window may be temporarily covered and removed when leaving the carrel.
  • Carrels are not soundproof. Noise must be kept to a minimum.
  • Study carrels are available as individual private study areas.  The study carrels are located on the west side of Levels 1 and 2.  This area is not designated as a quiet study area.
  • Three study carrels on Level 2 are located adjacent to the Student Learning Center. These carrels may occasionally pick up noise from classes being held within the Student Learning Center as the walls are not sound proof.
  • Absolutely no food is allowed in the carrel. Drinks must be in approved, covered containers.
  • Library staff will not accept or deliver telephone or personal messages to carrel users.
  • Study carrels are checked out for one semester only. Study carrels must be cleaned out by the user prior to the carrel’s due date. If the carrel is not emptied by its due date, the carrel will be emptied by library staff. All library books will be checked in and all personal items will be kept in Circulation for one week. After that personal items will be turned over to Campus Security.
  • Overdue fines of $1 per day will accrue up to $20 and after 45 days a rekeying charge of $65 will be assessed to your account.
  • Study carrels will be checked by library staff periodically.
  • First violation of these regulations will result in a written warning. Second violation will result in revocation of the carrel.