One Button Studio

One Button Studio is an intuitive video studio to practice presentations and create video content! Reserve it now and pick up the key at the Mansfield Library circulation desk.

No experience or assistants needed!

Available for free to all students, faculty, and staff!

Versatile for your needs. Records with Green or Blue Screen or a black curtain background. Easy button adjustment allows for seated/standing sessions and additional accessibility!

Computer equipment on a table


  • Please do not touch the camera, lights, microphone, change any settings, or attempt to
    adjust projection/camera angles or unplug, modify, touch or troubleshoot any
    equipment in the studio.
  • Please do not affix anything to the curtains, green screen, or walls.
  • Please do not lean on, push or move the control center table.
  • Please return chairs to designated location and leave the room clean and ready for the
    next user.
  • Please report if the door was unlocked when you entered and please lock the door
    when finished.

There are four chairs, two small silk plants and a lectern that can be moved and arranged for interviews or general comfort. An image of the room layout is available to view as a PDF and is posted in the studio. Please take care when moving any furniture to avoid damage to the carpet or furniture. Thank you for helping us maintain the studio.