Group Study Room Reservations

Group Study Rooms

To reserve a study room in the Mansfield Library, please choose a floor below. After following the link, choose a time slot that coincides with library hours to make your reservation. You will be prompted for your NetID. Rooms will be held for up to 30 minutes. For additional information please see the Group Study Rooms General Policy.

  • Picture ID required to check out room key.
  • Room must be locked upon departure.

Reserve a Group Study Room

  • Fifth Floor study rooms
    • Room 504 Veteran Study Room Veterans can request the username and password from the V.E.T.S office to reserve this room.  If available, all UM patrons are welcome to reserve this space in 3-hour blocks for the current day at the Information Center on Level 3.
    • Room 512 equipped with computer and projector
  • Fourth Floor study rooms
  • Second Floor Study Rooms—rooms are first come, first served with the following exceptions:
    • Room 202 equipped with Mac mini,wide screen monitor
    • Room 211 Equipped with computer and wide screen monitor
    • Room 213 equipped with a Laptop collaborative workstation
    • Room 215 setup as a family friendly room- equipped with some children's books/videos,TV/DVD player, smaller furniture, and 2 person study table
  • First Floor study rooms—rooms are first come, first served
  • Missoula College Study Rooms—Individuals are limited to 3 hours per day—reservations in excess of this limit may be cancelled.

Private Study Carrels

Study carrels are available as individual private study areas. The study carrels are located on the west side of Levels 1 and 2. You may apply for a study carrel one semester in advance.