Print at the Mansfield Library from your Personal Laptop


Step 2: Install the printer

Open System Preferences.

Screenshot: Open System Preferences.

Select Print & Fax from the Hardware section.

Screenshot: Select Print & Fax.

Click the "+" to add a printer.

Screenshot: Click the plus sign (+) to add a printer.

Fill in the values in the Add Printer dialog box:
Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
Queue: ccsingleq
Name: Mansfield Library Printer
Location: Paw Print
Print Using: Generic PostScript Printer
Click Add.

Screenshot: Fill in the values in the Add Printer dialog box.

Under Installable Options, check the Duplex Printing Unit box if you wish to print double-sided. Click Continue to complete the installation.

Screenshot: Select Duplex Printing Unit to enable double-sided printing.

Step 3: Print a Document

Your computer is now setup to print to the Library printers