Fax Pricing and Information

General Information

  • Fax coversheets available. There is no charge for the sheet or the transmission of the coversheet.
  • Telephone numbers should be written as follows:
    • International: Country Code + City Code + Telephone Number
    • Long Distance: Area Code + Telephone Number
  • A fax confirmation page is provided will all fax orders.
Type UM Pricing Standard Pricing
International $1.50 per page $3.00 per page
Long Distance $1.00 per page $2.00 per page
Toll Free $0.50 per page $1.00 per page
Local $0.50 per page $1.00 per page

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • UMoney
  • Credit/Debit (Visa, MasterCard & Discover)
  • Checks
  • Index Code*

* Index Code Billing (i.e. Departmental Billing) is available on orders of $5.00 or more


  • Xerox WorkCentre¬†5875