Electronic Thesis, Dissertations, and Professional Papers

The University of Montana Electronic Thesis, Dissertation and Professional Paper Project (ETDP) is a collaborative effort between the Graduate School, the Mansfield Library, graduate degree granting departments, and graduate students. Beginning in 2007, graduate student theses, dissertations, and professional papers have been published electronically. Additionally, all UM doctoral dissertations were retrospectively digitized and are available electronically.

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*Searching the ETDP Collection

The University of Montana Electronic Thesis, Dissertation, and Professional Paper (ETDP) collection is a searchable collection with content available from 2007 to present. Please contact the library if you need assistance locating a thesis or dissertation.

Information for Graduate Students

You may now submit your thesis or dissertation electronically. First, create your EDTP account. Next, login and submit your document.

Information for Graduate Student Alumni

University of Montana graduate student theses and dissertations have been digitally published since 2007 and are available online. Additionally, all legacy UM doctoral dissertations were digitized a few years ago through ProQuest, the company that is recognized by the Library of Congress as the official repository for United States theses and dissertations. Online access has greatly increased the use of UM graduate student research publications and has ensured that they are never lost or inaccessible. The Mansfield Library is planning to move forward with the Legacy UM Theses Digitization Project to digitize, over the next five years, all pre-2007 UM graduate student masters theses and professional papers. Theses will be indexed and available in the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database, as well as via the Mansfield Library catalog, and eventually in an institutional repository. UM graduate students retain the copyright to their work and can restrict access by contacting ProQuest directly at disspub@ProQuest.com. The library is excited to highlight these unique, high quality UM graduate student research and creative scholarship publications and provide greater access to them for scholars around the world.