Digital Collections

Yellow alpine flowers

Alpine Wildflowers of Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Park

Published and written by former Glacier National Park ranger Jerry DeSanto in 1989, this book covers history and dispersal of alpine flora, ecology of alpines plants, distribution of alpine flora, and flower identification with color photos of plants found in both Glacier and Waterton Parks.

7 members of the 1915 UM basketball team. The coach is in the upper right of the photo and all members are in their uniforms.

Archives and Special Collections Digital Photo Project

Images in this collection include UM campus students, buildings and events, and scenes from around Missoula, Montana, and the region. They were selected from Archives & Special Collections and represent only a fraction of what is available onsite. The digitization and addition of images to this collection is ongoing.

The Char-Koosta newspaper headline image of a bison.

Char-Koosta News

Published by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Indian Reservation, started in November 1956 and continued through five decades. With the exception of a ten-year hiatus from December 1961 through May 1971, the paper continues to publish a weekly issue.

Image of an early montana town with clouds in the sky.

Early Montana Histories

A collection of books exploring topics such as the exploration and occupation of Montana, Indian history, wars, trading and military posts, mining, newspapers, churches, and societies during the time between 1735 and 1885. These works generally include treatments of Montana counties as well as personal "reminiscences" from notable Montanans. Illustrations of people, buildings, farms, ranches, and natural features of the era can be found in these titles.

A diary page snippet from Sunday the 1st.

Edith Reneau Diary, 1917

The Edith Reneau Diary consists of a woman's documentation of her life on a homestead located in Big Hole in Beaverhead County in southwest Montana. Each day's entry begins with a description of the weather, and continues with brief descriptions of her activities for the day. The original diary is housed in Archives & Special Collections.

A snippit of a manuscript with writing in a foreign language.

Harold Wave Whicker Collection

In 1938, Harold Wave Whicker (1895-1955) donated a collection of rare books and manuscripts to The University of Montana, where he had been a faculty member in the English Department. The collection emphasizes literature of the nineteenth century. Represented authors include Edgar Allen Poe, Walt Whitman, Thomas Carlyle, and others.

Image of an early elementary school class.

Jack L. Demmons - Bonner School Photographs

Assembled in the mid-1970's by Bonner School Superintendent Jack L. Demmons, this collection of approximately 1,600 photographs depicts life in and around Bonner, Montana, from the late 1800s through the 1950s. These photos were digitized at The University of Montana's Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library in 2007.

A diary page header from May 1st, 1906.

James Ball Diaries, 1906-1933

The James Ball Diaries consist of three volumes written by sheep rancher James Ball. The diaries contain day-to-day observations of the ranch, weather, Ball's travels around Montana, visits from neighbors, work exchanged with neighbors, and other small community events. Original diaries are housed in Archives & Special Collections.

A piece of an early Montana map

Joseph H. Jones Manuscript "The Rock Creek Massacre"

The Joseph H. Jones Manuscript consists of a typescript first-person account of Jones's encounter with and escape from a band of Nez Perca^e attempting a return from Canada to Idaho one year after the Battle of the Big Hole (1877). The original manuscript is in Archives & Special Collections.

Mike Mansfield sitting on the steps of a building in Washington, DC.

Mike Mansfield Collection

This digital collection highlights Mike Mansfield's legacy of leadership in public service as represented through his speeches and interviews. Mansfield served Montana in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1942-1952 and in the U.S. Senate from 1952-1977, and was Ambassador to Japan from 1977-1988. The content in this collection represents a fraction of the extensive Mike Mansfield archival collection held in Archives & Special Collections.

Four plains indians in traditional dress

Mountain-Plains Native Americans

A broad and growing collection of reference materials related to the Native American tribes Montana. The collection will ultimately contain government documents, archival documents, photographs, and other materials.

A Tipi

Natives of Montana Archival Project (NOMAP)

The Natives of Montana Archival Project (NOMAP) contains over 65,700 documents from holdings in the National Archives Record Group 75. These documents have been indexed and are hosted on the Montana Memory Project. Funding for this project was provided by Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, UM's Native American Studies Department, and the Smithsonian.

Patricia Goedicke and Leonard Wallace Robinson in front of the Grizzly statue on the UM campus.

Patricia Goedicke and Leonard Wallace Robinson Collection

In 2007, Archives & Special Collections acquired the literary manuscripts of Patricia Goedicke and her husband, Leonard Wallace Robinson. This digital collection features excerpts from those papers, providing insight into the writing process and careers of both authors, and includes drafts of works, journal entries, and correspondence.

A pamphlet advertising the Famous McIntosh apple of the Bitterroot.

Rare Books and Materials

The books, pamphlets, serials and other materials in this collection were selected from Archives & Special Collections and represent a variety of subject areas documenting Montana and the region including Glacier National Park, homesteading and mining. Each item is full-text searchable. The digitization and addition of images to this collection is ongoing.

A Butte townsite map

Regional and Historic Maps

These maps were selected from the Library's Regional and Historic Map collection and represent Montana and the greater northwest. The digitization and addition of images to this collection is ongoing.

A piece of a diary page. Some text in script is visible.

Steffen Heinrich Aggens Diary, 1852-1868

The Steffen Heinrich Aggens Diary consists of a single volume written in German. The diary begins with Aggens' departure from Germany in 1852 and charts his travels to New York and San Francisco and then through the goldfields of California, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana through 1868. The original diary is housed in Archives & Special Collections.

An early Yellowstone postcard image of people near a geyser.

Thula Hardenbrook Diary, 1887

The Thula Hardenbrook Diary describes a trip through Yellowstone National Park that Hardenbrook took in the summer of 1887. The original diary is housed in Archives & Special Collections.

Thesis, Dissertation, Professional Paper

University of Montana Electronic Theses, Dissertations, Professional Papers

The University of Montana Electronic Thesis, Dissertation and Professional Paper Project (ETDP) is a collaborative effort between the Graduate School, the Mansfield Library, graduate degree granting departments, and graduate students. Beginning in 2007, graduate student theses, dissertations, and professional papers have been published electronically. Additionally, all UM doctoral dissertations were retrospectively digitized and are available electronically.

Web Archives

University of Montana Web Archives

The University of Montana Web Archive captures, preserves and provides access to web sites produced by administrative offices, schools, departments, service units, institutes, centers, programs, and faculty, student, and alumni organizations at The University of Montana. Through the capture and preservation of the university’s evolving online presence, the Web Archive assists in documenting the people, activities, and impact of The University of Montana over time.

An image of a Indian on horseback from the ledger drawings.

Walter Bone Shirt Ledger

The 16 drawings in this ledger were created by Brulé Lakota artist Never Misses (also known as Walter Bone Shirt) in the early 1890s. The ledger was donated to the University's library in 1962 by Genevieve Prochnow and is held by Archives & Special Collections.

Portraits of a man and a woman.

William H.H. and Emma Dickinson Papers

The William H.H. and Emma Dickinson papers include a Dickinson family genealogy, William Dickinson's Civil War diaries and Emma Dickinson's reminiscence of early Missoula. Original materials are housed in Archives & Special Collections