• Spotlight: Frank Bird Linderman Masonic Apron

    Frank Bird Linderman Masonic Apron. Linderman was inducted into the brotherhood in 1899 and received the Scottish Rite in Helen in 1911. Mss 7, Frank Bird Linderman Memorial Collection

  • Spotlight: Wild Horse Island

    This map of wild horse Island located in Flathead Lake is one of thousands of maps in the Archives & Special Collections. To view more maps online checkout the Montana Memory Project website-Mapping Montana and the West.

  • Spotlight: Aviator Eugene Ely at Fort Missoula

    Aviator Eugene Ely and his Curtiss biplane at Fort Missoula, newly completed officer's row and old officer's row in background, 1911. 92.0244. To view more photos from the collection check out the link.

  • Spotlight: Orchards in Western Montana

    Orchards in Western Montana is an exhibit featuring a selection of photographs, brochures and pamphlets related to orchards in Western Montana. To learn more check out the online exhibit.

  • Spotlight: Cuba for Beginners

    The cartoonist and graphic artist Rius created this comic book about the history of Cuba and the Cuban Revolution. For additional information about revolutionary movements and radical organizations, browse the Left-wing Radicalism Pamphlet Collection located in the Archives and Special Collections.