• Spotlight: The Lindermans and Goose Bay

    In the early 1900s Frank Bird Linderman and his family built a home at Goose Bay on Flathead Lake. To learn more about the Linderman’s and their lakeside home check stop by the exhibit on the third floor of the library.   

  • Spotlight: Kuang Hsu, God of Plenty

    Chinese porcelain figure of Kuan Hsu, God of Plenty, ca. 1875. Mss 65, Mike Mansfield Papers

  • Spotlight: 1898 Map of the Philippines

    This 1898 map of the Philippines shows territory occupied by the American Army, the Filipino Army, and the Spanish Army during the Spanish-American War. The U.S. Expansionism and Imperialism Pamphlet Collection housed in the Archives and Special Collections contains a variety of pamphlets on the Spanish-American War, the U.S. acquisition of the Philippines, and the Philippine Declaration of Independence.

  • Spotlight: Bud Moore Papers

    William “Bud” Moore was a well-known forester and conservationist from Montana. To learn more about Bud check out the guide to his papers.

  • Spotlight: Rosie Two Teeth

    Rosie Two Teeth beading a bag and belt on the Rocky Boy Reservation, Montana.