• Spotlight: Women in Montana Politics

    Celebrate women’s suffrage in Montana by exploring our online exhibit "Women in Montana Politics." The exhibit showcases the achievements of women throughout Montana who contributed to the advancement toward gender equality from 1882 to the present.

  • Spotlight: Missoula Sheriff's Posse

    Missoula County Sheriff's Posse on parade, crossing Higgins Avenue Bridge, Missoula, Montana, ca. 1950s. umt013759

  • Spotlight: What Every Woman Should Know

    The Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA) fought for equal pay for both men and women. This pamphlet was produced for women textile workers and explains their rights as TWUA members.

  • Spotlight: Prickly Pear Gold Mines

    A map of the Prickly Pear gold mines with stage routes, towns, principal streams & points of historic interest to the traveler, 1931.