• Spotlight: Marcus Daly Home

    Marcus Daly home near Hamilton, Montana, ca. 1900. umt013732

  • Spotlight: How to Publish a Highschool Underground Newspaper

    This handy how-to shows high school students how to set up and distribute their own underground newspaper. It even offers advice on issues like censorship and libel. The Left-wing Radicalism Pamphlet Collection features a variety of information on political underground activity, particularly during the 1960s. Visit the Archives and Special Collections on the fourth floor of the Mansfield Library to learn more.

  • Spotlight: Alpine Wildflowers

    This book includes information about the flowering alpine plants and natural history of Glacier National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, and the surrounding area. 

  • Spotlight: Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY!

    Miyazaki lacquer tray with horse [M87-25]
    Origin: Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
    Artist: unknown
    Date of Work: unknown

    For more images of animals from the Mike Mansfield Papers check out the exhibit on view in the archives through December 2015.

  • Spotlight: Trading Posts and Mercantiles in Western Montana

    Who founded the first trading post in 1907? Were there many mercantiles or general stores in Missoula and the surrounding area? View this online exhibit and learn about retail history in Montana in this display with images highlighting traders and trading posts, general stores around the region, and advertising for many of those same stores.