• Spotlight: First Campus Plan, 1895

    The first campus plan for the UM was created by Dr. Frederick C. Scheuch.  Scheuch was one of the four original faculty members at the university and taught in the Department of Modern Languages and Engineering. To view the plan, stop by the Archives & Special Collections on the fourth floor of the Mansfield Library.

  • Spotlight: Glacier National Park Centennial Exhibit

    In 2010, Glacier National Park celebrated its 100th birthday. Check out our centennial exhibit for photographs, maps and pamphlets of the park.

  • Spotlight: Lemon Meringue Pie

    Drawing of Pie from Home Baked Delicacies Cookbook by Frances Lee Barton,  published in 1929. From Mss 205, Mary Elrod Ferguson Papers. To learn more about Ferguson’s collection of cookbooks and recipes check out the guide to her collection.

  • Spotlight: Country Farm Homes in Valier, Montana

    Learn about available land and business opportunities in Valier, Montana, 1918.

  • Spotlight: Loud Thunder, Frenchman, and Linderman with flag, 1933

    Flag bearing Washington eagle and thirteen stars of original colonies, owned by old Indian warrior in background, taken at last Sun Dance that Frank Bird Linderman attended on Rocky Boy’s Reservation. Left to right in image: Loud Thunder (Jim Gopher), Frenchman, and Frank Bird Linderman.