• Spotlight: Happy Holidays from Butte!

    This snow covered, rosy cheeked greeting was sent to Butte, Montana all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark in December of 1909.Postcard Collection.

  • Spotlight: Campus Strikes Against War

    Although most Americans associate student activism with the Vietnam War and the 1960s, campus radicalism was also a part of the 1930s, due in large part to the devastation caused by the Great Depression.

  • Spotlight: Fire Bombing

    Forest Service personnel filling up a fire bomb with retardant, ca. 1947.

  • Spotlight: Shells and Poems

    This box was given to Ambassador Mike Mansfield in Japan and contains thirty-six different kinds of shells and a poem for each shell. Mss 65, Mike Mansfield Papers

  • Spotlight: Correspondence between Sir Henry McMahon; his majesty’s high command in Cairo and the Sherif Hussein of Mecca 1915-1916

    This map of Syria and Palestine shows the 1939 boundaries between each state and was used in a report submitted by Sir Henry McMahon to the British Parliament. More information about this region can be found in the Palestine and Israel Pamphlet Collection housed in the Archives and Special Collections on the fourth floor of the Mansfield Library.