• Spotlight: History of Campus Planning

    In 1893 when The University of Montana-Missoula was established it owned no land or buildings. Today the campus has grown to over 120 acres. This exhibit illustrates the history of campus planning and expansion through photographs, maps, plans and articles.

  • Spotlight: Butte Mining Claims Map

    1885 map of mining claims in and around Butte, Montana. To view the entire map check out the link to the Montana Memory Project. (umt040011)

  • Spotlight: Feed Stable, Great Falls, Montana

    Feed Stable, H. P. Nevills, Proprieter. Large picture of elephant and bunting displayed above sign. Great Falls, Montana, ca. 1890, umt011293.

  • Spotlight: Woven Bamboo Vase

    Lacquered bamboo vase from Japan, Mike Mansfield Collection, M87-20.

  • Spotlight: Zionist Women’s Work

    This 1920 pamphlet describes the role of Jewish women in creating a Jewish community in Palestine (present-day Israel). For more pamphlets related to the formation of an Israeli state, visit the Archives and Special Collections on the fourth floor of the Mansfield Library. The guide to the Palestine and Israel Pamphlet Collection can be found online.